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The most effective way to protect yourself from identity theft is to keep your Credit Card information private.
PayPal (eBay Group) enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with seller.

100% money back guarantee

If our Suppliers can be demonstrated not to be a major global Traders, we will refund you via Paypal re-credit. Please go to and read about PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy lets you submit a dispute within 45 days of the date you sent the payment for an “item not as described”.
We chosen PayPal (an eBay Company) as it is designed from the ground up to be the safest way to send and receive money online.
Unlike other financial institutions PayPal’s payments are sent without sharing financial information to us. In fact, PayPal never shares Buyer’s financial information with or sells it to merchants. Furthermore,
  • All PayPal transactions are covered with 100% protection against unauthorised payments sent from your account.
  • PayPal automatically encrypt all sensitive information sent between your computer and its servers.
  • Your sensitive financial information is securely stored on PayPal’s servers.
  • The merchants (we) receive payment from PayPal without ever seeing your financial information.
To learn more about PayPal please click on
Payment orders:

Registration Info Deletion certificate Address change Ownership transfer
$ 40 $135 $ 67 $150

Registration renewal fees:
CLASSES 1 year 3 years
CLASS A - less than 16':
CLASS 1 - 16' or over and less than 26':
CLASS 2 - 26' or over and less than 40':
CLASS 3 - 40' or over and less than 65':
CLASS 4 - 65' or over

Additional costs / options in Delaware's boat registration:
First registration add cost:
FedEx delivery:
Verification letter:
Expedited service:
Payment order is adding top-up fee  (3,5%+0,35$)

Company formation ( LLC) BASIC
$ 630